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Who we are

About Us

A leading advisory, tax and audit firm dedicated to building long-lasting relationships.

Who we are

Our Leadership Team

Daryl Caruana
Jessica Azzopardi
Stuart Urpani
Roberta Mizzi

Audit Manager

Kurt Azzopardi Taliana

Accounting Manager

Shaun Vella

Assistant Accounting Manager

Kim Critien

Office & Administration Executive

Mark Gatt
Emanda Spiteri Lucas

Corporate & Accounting Executive

Francesca Toledo

Accounts Executive

Rebekah Fenech Laudi

Accounts Executive

Etienne Caruana
Francesca Arena Blandino

Senior Accounts Executive

Christabel Pulis

Senior Accounts Executive

Nicole Demanuele

Junior Accounts Executive

Anastasiia Kozub

Junior Auditor

Nicholas Mercieca

Senior Auditor

David Busuttil Delbridge

Junior Accounts Executive

Matthew Grech

Junior Accounts Executive

Charline Hayez

Junior Audit Executive

Leanne Barry

Accounting Manager

Haydon Borg

Accounting Manager


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Stay up to date with the world of business and tax with news, insights and articles from our expert editors, accountants, and advisors. Our professionals provide valuable perspective on a range of topics that can help inform your business decisions and keep you informed about industry trends.