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Reliable, full-range and professional accounting services in Malta.

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At Finanzi we realise that accurate and efficient accounting is essential to drive continuous growth. Accounting is not simply an end, but also a means to take informed decisions that matter to your business. Acting on this knowledge, Finanzi’s team of certified, experienced and meticulous professionals ensure that all your regulatory needs are met, whilst ensuring uninterrupted business continuity.

Finanzi offers complete and wide-ranged accounting services including:

  • Accounting 
  • Vat services 
  • Consultancy and Advisory  
Accountancy services

Accounting Services

All companies in Malta are obliged by law to keep proper accounting records. Such records should shine a light on the company, painting a true and fair position of the companies’ affairs, cash flows and financial performance. At a minimum, this exercise should be carried out annually.

Finanzi has vast experience in helping companies comply with such legal requirements. All that said, accounting is is not only a statutory obligation but also a means to ensure that businesses are run in the most cost-efficient manner possible. Finanzi strives to provide clean and structured and books, ensuring that you are provided with concise and informative, yet actionable, information. Amongst the host of accounting services that we offer are:

  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Dissolution of companies
  • Internal financial reporting and management Guidance on complex transactions
  • Forecasting and budgeting.
Accountancy services

Vat Services

Finanzi understands that VAT legislation is vast and ever-changing and reporting obligations are daunting. Finanzi does all the heavy lifting: liaising with the local VAT department; filing VAT returns, and generally ensuring that your compliance with all applicable laws. See our tax section for more info.

Accountancy services

Consultancy and Advisory

Accounting is at the core of any business decision making process. All major business decisions need to be studied from a financial and accounting point of view. This is particularly made even more burdensome with technological advances and ever-changing laws and regulations which seek to keep up with such advances.

Hence, it is important for businesses to study their business decisions. This includes an in depth study of the costs, potential earnings, windfalls and even any legal and compliance obligations.

Our professionals have a diverse range of expertise and will help you draw a map of the potential costs and risks (and rewards) associated with your new product/service/business. Finanzi has experience guiding businesses from their start up phase to booming businesses seeking to leave a mark.

Our end goal is to provide value to your business. Keeping this in mind, we use our expertise and knowledge to ensure that we do not simply advise you but also educate you, to use our knowledge to your future advantage. We ensure that we keep ourselves updated with all regulatory updates and compliance requirements so you don’t have to.


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