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Outsourcing administrative tasks frees up your time to concentrate on adding true value to your business.

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Why Do I Need Administrative

Inefficient administrative processes can be costly. Engaging administrative support has become a crucial part of any modern business. It is simply inefficient, both time wise and cost wise, to handle every aspect of your business.

Administrative services

Where can Finanzi help?

International enterprises doing business in Malta will want to rely on personnel who can grasp legal and regulatory requirements in Malta, whilst SMEs may simply wish to add more manpower to facilitate the upwards trajectory of their business. This is where Finanzi can step in and provide the local knowledge, expertise and care to add to the machinery of your business.

A driving principle which Finanzi prides itself on is trust. We do realise however that trust must be gained. Finanzi personnel go above their ordinary duties to understand the core aspects of your business and the industry(ies) within which you operate. When you outsource administrative matters to us you can rest assured that your business will be treated as if it is our own.

Here are some of the administrative services which we offer:

  • Debt collection services
  • Invoicing – preparation and management
  • Filing and handling of corporate records
  • Bank account management
  • Payroll administration

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