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Efficient audit and assurance services are key to drive transparent growth. In today’s economic and business environment, the performance of a financial audit has never been more important.

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Audit Services

Finanzi’s vastly experienced team of professionals have years of experience catering for the needs of business in a variety of industries, spanning from SMEs to large international corporations. Our aim is to paint a clear financial picture of your company’s finances whilst offering insights into your business as well as suggestions on potential areas of improvement and growth.

Finanzi offers financial statement audits, local statutory audits as well as non-statutory audits.

Audit services

Statutory financial statement Audit

It is a legal requirement for all limited liability companies registered or incorporated in terms of the Laws of Malta to prepare a set of audited financial statements every year and file them at the Malta Business Registry (MBR). In addition, Companies registered in Malta shall submit an Income Tax Return on an annual basis which is based on audited financial statements. Despite being a statutory requirement, the overall purpose of a financial audit is to enhance the degree of confidence of intended users in the Company’s financial statements.

These audited financial statements need to be compliant with The annual audited financial statements prepared under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles . General Accounting Principles for Small and Medium Entities (‘GAPSME’) is now the default accounting framework for SMEs in relation to financial reporting periods starting on or after 1 January 2016, unless a resolution is passed by the Board of Directors to the effect that International Financial Reporting Standards (‘IFRSs’) as adopted by the EU are to be used.

The audit of financial statements is to be carried out by a qualified person holding the relevant warrant issued by the Maltese Accountancy Board and needs to be performed in accordance with International Auditing Standards.

We specialize in preparing Financial Statements in terms of International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”) and, when necessary, in terms of the Generally Accepted Principles for Smaller and Medium-sized Enterprises (“GAPSME”).

Due to the ever-changing requirements of the latter standards which evolve over time, we have the relative expertise in-house to be able to prepare basic or advanced financial statements in terms of the respective standards.

Audit services

Submission to the Malta Business Registry

The audited financial statements must be approved within 10 months from the accounting year end and must be filed with the Registrar of Companies within 10 months plus 42 days from the accounting year end.  

Tax return deadlines must also be adhered to. Click here for further information.

Finanzi will walk you through all of this as well as acting as a point of contact with the relevant government authorities.  

Audit services

Non-Statutory Audits

Non-statutory audit services include:

  • Accounting Compliance and Reporting
  • Special Purpose Financial Statements Audit
  • Accounting Compliance and Reporting
  • Financial Reporting Advisory
  • Due Diligence
  • Internal Audits

Businesses may also opt to perform audits voluntarily. Typically, these are carried out to verify the performance of a particular area of business or to perform due diligence in order to gauge the financial situation of your business.


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