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Employment Advisory
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Handling employment matters requires great care. Finanzi recognizes that employment and human resources are delicate affairs and must be treated with the utmost dedication and precision. Here at Finanzi our aim is to build a trusting relationship in the workplace. The services which we offer are all driven by this principle.

Employment Advisory & Payroll Services

Compliance with employment laws

Employment laws are stringent and require a delicate approach. For these reasons it is important to engage trustworthy service providers who do their research but offer practical yet personable solutions.

Finanzi offers employment advisory services that seek to ensure that you are guided through the relevant employment laws with an educational approach which allows you to utilize the advice in the future. In doing so:

– we will handle all liaison with competent national authorities e.g. for the purposes of work permit applications;

– provide the necessary documentation e.g. drafting employment contracts.

Our services cover a broad spectrum and include consultation on employment incentives, tax and national insurance advice and work permit applications. It is important to note that all foreign nationals working in Malta require a single permit in this regard.

Audit services

Payroll Services

Probably, the most onerous employment law obligations are those associated with payroll. Amongst other responsibilities, employers are obliged to handle tax and social security contributions and keep various records and documentation relating to each employee.

Due to reasons outlined above it is becoming increasingly more common to outsource payroll matters. Our team can handle the setting up of the payroll function and handle liaison with the relevant national authorities including registration of the employees.

Here are just some of the employment and payroll services which we provide:

– Registering for the PE Number (Employment Number) in Malta;

– assistance with work permits for non-EU nationals;

– assistance with obtaining the Maltese social security number, ID Card/ E-residence number/ Expatriate Number;

– assisting to engage or terminate a job with the relevant authorities;

– calculation of income tax, social security contributions and maternity fund contributions;

– providing payslips to the employees through cloud based payroll systems

– preparation and submission of annual reports such as the FS7 and FS3s and the monthly report of FS5.


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