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Residence Planning

Malta is a valuable European base in the heart of the Mediterranean. Its unique setting combines sun and sea with a favourable system for alternative residence and vehicles that build and protect your wealth.

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Why Malta?

Malta is not only sun and sea. It boasts a free educational system, a highly accessible educational system, a bustling financial industry and a professional English speaking workforce. Additionally, it is very well connected to the rest of the world, providing an ideal base for travelling for both business and pleasure.

The world has now gone global. You may either be looking to relocate to Malta to work or; you may be looking to establish residence to secure or diversify your wealth; or you may even simply wish to move to Malta to live out your retirement in peace. Our trusted, professional and dedicated professionals have experience walking clients from all walks of life through residence planning in Malta.

Residence Planning

Why Finanzi?

Our team of experts commits itself to conducting thorough research into the regulations and incentives concerning residence planning. Finanzi understands that residence planning is often cumbersome and covered with red tape. That is where our valuable resources and knowledge can be tapped into.

Here are some of our residence planning services which you can benefit from:

– Malta ordinary residence: Although there are various ways to achieve this, ordinary residence is commonly achieved by either relocating from another EU state or by spending a particular amount of time in Malta;

– Tax residence programmes: When moving to Malta, we will not only provide you with immigration support but also insight into how to benefit from Malta’s various tax residence programmes and incentives. Finanzi is an authorized mandatory representative for:

  • Highly Qualified Persons Rules
  • The Residence Programme (‘TRP’) – applicable to EU/EEA and Swiss Nationals
  • The Global Residence Programme (‘GRP’) – applicable to non-EU/non-EEA and non-Swiss Nationals
  • The Malta Residence and Visa Programme (‘MRVP’) – applicable for non-EU/non-EEA and non-Swiss Nationals

Our services cover both EU and third country nationals. Our commitment to you is to ensure the most effective, efficient and smooth transition to establish residence in Malta.


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