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Taxation is a complex and burdensome affair requiring meticulous tax planning.

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Tax Services

Finanzi strives to provide a tailored service that ensures taxes are managed in the most cost-efficient manner possible. Here at Finanzi, we understand that tax does not exist in a vacuum and that it can be a nightmare to stay on top of the ever changing tax rules. Finanzi’s professionals strive to keep up to date and continue to ensure that any tax advice takes into account any wider repercussions that may have an effect on the way your business is run or how your corporate structure is set up.

Finanzi offers a full range of taxation services, from planning the best corporate structure to drive the most cost efficient approach for your business, to handling all the administrative burdens of your taxation filings. Our services cover both personal as well as corporate taxation services, offering services to business of all sizes.

Corporate Direct Tax

Tax services

Compliance and reporting services

Domestic and multi-national businesses continue to face numerous challenges in the taxation sphere. Aside from compliance with an increasing number of tax rules, businesses face more rigorous and coordinated enforcement by tax authorities coupled with the obstacle of ongoing staffing constraints. As businesses expand operations into new markets, the complexity of managing tax risks and complying with reporting requirements multiplies. Finanzi offers efficient, cost-effective tax compliance services to help alleviate such tax headaches. These services include:

  • Direct Tax compliance
  • FATCA & CRS compliance and advice
  • DAC6 reporting and advice
Tax services

Tax Advisory

Finanzi offers an integrated approach to help you structure your organisation in the most tax-effective way. We help businesses structure their tax arrangements to support their strategic goals. Our team have detailed knowledge of local tax environments and regulations.

Our advisory services seek to give your business insight into how to profit from the ample tax incentives that Malta has to offer at all the different stages of your company’s journey:

  • We will offer insight at the birth of your company so that your corporate structure makes full use of the laws and regulations governing tax in Malta;
  • As your company progresses we continue to offer practical tax planning to ensure stable growth; and
  • We provide ad-hoc advice covering a range of specialised and tailored tax implications including.
Property transfers

Maximise returns and benefit from assistance with computation of capital gains, adherance to the reporting obligations and more.

Transactional and mergers and acquisition tax

Design a transaction in a way that efficiently manages your tax costs while remaining consistent with your business objectives. We work hand in hand to provide vendor and buyer tax due diligence, tax-efficient deal structuring, reorganisation (pre-and post-deal) services, advice on refinancing and deal implementation, compliance liaison with tax authorities and more.

Investments and incentives

We will do our best to keep you abreast of any regulatory changes that will affect your business and offer any tax restructuring services should it be necessary. We provide insights into Malta’s various tax incentives so that you can maximize your profits. Depending on whether you offer e-business services, manufacturing operators, back office operations or you are in a family business, your business may qualify for such incentives, investment allowances, grants, soft loans and subsidies.

That might mean pro-active planning, considering the ever-shifting global regulatory landscape, including advice concerning:

  • Tax treaties: Changes, such as BEPS, ATAD, DAC6 and MLI and the impact these have on operations.
  • Tax Strategy: Developing and executing tax strategies, helping to manage effective tax rates and comply with diversified tax regulations and requirements.
  • Cross border transactions: Capitalising on the investment schemes that Malta has to offer (e.g. when expanding into Malta) and creating value through integrated global structuring.
Tax services

Personal Tax

We also help individuals to establish a tax plan to help manage their wealth, plan for the future and care for all their family’s needs. Finanzi takes extra care with personal taxes to ensure that you are not overwhelmed, providing a hands-on approach ensuring that the burden is lifted off your shoulders.

Indirect Tax

With growing public pressure on governments to increase the business tax take, indirect taxes, such as VAT and duty, are becoming more prominent and demanding worldwide. Indirect tax is seen as a valuable source of governmental revenue, whilst tax authorities are increasingly stamping down on businesses.

Increasing obligations resulting from the evolving indirect tax landscape are coupled with complicated reporting requirements. This regulatory landscape is particularly burdensome for businesses of a cross-border nature, such as those at the forefront of the digital economy.

Finanzi recognizes that a robust and hands on approach is required here, which is why we offer a wide range of services including:

  • Preparation and submission of VAT, Intrastat and other indirect tax returns
  • Assistance with tax audits and compliance related questions raised by the tax authorities
  • Fiscal representation services
  • Recovery of local and foreign VAT
  • VAT registrations and de-registrations
  • Review of invoicing requirements, VAT rates, etc.
  • General VAT advice and guidance

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