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Understanding Social Security Benefits in Malta for Foreigners

The social security system in Malta provides a range of benefits to eligible individuals and households, offering financial support and assistance in various areas. For foreigners working in Malta, understanding the social security benefits and pension entitlements is crucial.

This article aims to provide an overview of the Maltese social security system, including the benefits available, pension eligibility for foreigners, and the possibility of transferring a Maltese pension to another country.

The Maltese social security system offers several key benefits to individuals based on their specific circumstances including a free public health care system, retirement pension, invalidity pension, sickness benefits, unemployment benefit, child allowance, maternity benefit, single-parents benefit and barer’s benefit.

It is important to note that specific eligibility criteria, payment amounts, and application procedures may apply to each benefit.

Foreigners working in Malta can be entitled to a pension from the Maltese social security system, provided they meet certain requirements. Eligibility for a pension in Malta typically depends on two factors:

  • Contribution Requirement: Foreign workers must have made the required number of contributions to the Maltese social security system. The specific contribution criteria may vary based on factors such as age, employment status, and the type of benefit.
  • Residency Requirement: Generally, individuals must have resided in Malta for a specified period to qualify for a pension. The exact duration of residency required may depend on the specific benefit being claimed.

Foreign workers who meet these requirements can be eligible for pensions, including the retirement pension, which is based on the individual’s contributions and years of work.

A foreigner who has accumulated a pension in Malta may transfer their pension to their home country or another country, subject to certain conditions. The transferability of a Maltese pension depends on factors such as bilateral social security agreements within the EU that cover social security coordination. These agreements aim to ensure that individuals who have made contributions to the social security systems of multiple countries can aggregate their periods of insurance or contributions to qualify for benefits. If such an agreement exists between Malta and the individual’s home country, it may facilitate the transfer of pension rights. To transfer a Maltese pension, individuals should consult the relevant authorities in both Malta and their home country.

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